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Join Us in building a better future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities by supporting Indigenous education

The Stronger Smarter Institute partners with education institutions, foundations, business and individuals to significantly improve the education and life outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Australia.

To find out how you can support the Stronger Smarter Institute, and support our children’s education, contact us.


Support High Expectations Relationships


The tide of low expectations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in our schools is changing.  Our children have a positive sense of their own Indigenous identity. Improved results are being delivered.  Many of our students are enjoying educational outcomes that are comparable to those of any other Australian child.

Partnerships are fundamental to the Stronger Smarter Approach and are based on our core values of respect, integrity, courage, and honesty.


Support from our partners has helped us to deliver:

  • professional development to nearly 3000 school and community leaders from more than 825 schools plus education organisations across the country; and, through them, direct improvements to the educational and life outcomes of more than 50,000 Indigenous children in Australia;
  • professional learning resources for school and community leaders;
  • innovative research that aims to improve education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and
  • national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education forums promoting best practice and education policy reform.


Your support will help us to lower operational costs and stabilise funding, enabling long-term program planning and delivery.


A message from Chris Sarra