Cultural competency in the workplace that creates inclusive, innovative and high-performing teams

Stronger Smarter Workplaces Program™ offers the opportunity to mobilise your staff to embrace their diverse strengths and use Stronger Smarter Approach™ to co-create a pathway to success. Stronger Smarter Workplaces™ will complement your local cultural awareness programs, support planning and implementation of your Reconciliation Action Plan and improve your staff cultural competencies.

The Stronger Smarter Institute is a Supply Nation accredited provider and can help you achieve your Indigenous Procurement Policy goals.

Stronger Smarter Workplaces

The Stronger Smarter Approach™ is based on a belief that every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. This means the same opportunities for everyone in both schooling and employment. We know this is not always easy. Many workplaces face complex challenges within their staff relationships, clients, stakeholders and local communities.

We believe that organisations and communities already hold the resources, knowledge and expertise they need to approach these challenges. The Stronger Smarter Approach™ begins by developing a positive sense of cultural identity and then looks deeply at how we communicate and interact with others, using the concept of High-Expectations Relationships(H-ER).

For over fifteen years, the Institute has brought these discussions to the forefront of Australia’s education system. We have also sparked discussion on how the Stronger Smarter Approach™ is adopted beyond the classroom and can be intrinsic practice that underpins high performance in the boardroom, office or sporting field.

Stronger Smarter Workplaces is universally applicable and is particularly relevant for organisations seeking to build their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment strategies or organisations who operate in regional and remote Australia and are seeking to employ local staff and collaborate and connect with their local communities’.

For further information please read our Stronger Smarter Workplaces Program™ brochure.