Are you an early childhood educator? The Stronger Smarter Jarjums Program™ caters specifically to Early Years educators to ignite conversations, build relationships and embed the Stronger Smarter Approach™ into your learning environment.

Stronger Smarter Jarjums supports the Early Years Learning approach by:

  • building a sense of Belonging using the Stronger Smarter Approach™ to promote a positive sense of identity for our Jarjums

  • building a sense of Being by providing tools and strategies for educators to use with Jarjums to build their resilience and develop their relationships with others, and

  • Supporting Becoming by igniting conversations and building partnerships across sectors to build High-Expectations Relationships with families and communities that will ensure strong support for Jarjums during the rapid and significant change of the Early Years.

For further information please read our, Stronger Smarter Jarjums Brochure or the Stronger Smarter Jarjums Position Paper 

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