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Donate now to help improve educational outcomes for Indigenous students

Your donation will help to put a Stronger Smarter Alumni in front of every Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander child in Australia. By donating to the Institute you are supporting transformational change in Indigenous education.

Every student deserves to feel safe, respected, valued and happy. Every student deserves to dream, believe and succeed. Many children face low expectations and negative perceptions of who they are. This can lead to a deep corrosion of their self-esteem, achievements and ambitions.

We know the solution is enacting the Stronger Smarter Approach™ to: 

  • Unlock the heart and ignite the brain 

  • Enact processes connected to Indigenous Knowledges
  • Uncover habitual patterns that impact on their thinking, seeing, talking and doing

  • Show people how their beliefs and assumptions impact their relationships with others

The Stronger Smarter Approach™ provides participants with the tools they need to respond to the challenges together. More than 80% of our alumni are in active teaching duties today. We train educators. We build efficacy and workforce engagement. 

We equip participants with tools that lead to:

  • Transform schools and classrooms
  • Improve student attendance

  • Increase engagement of children and
    their families in learning that matters

  • Generate positive numeracy and literacy outcomes

Our Alumni are in front of over 72 000 Indigenous students in Australia.
Help us reach even more students and donate now!

Our Footprints reach over 11% of schools in Australia.
Help us lay down even more by donating now! 


Collaborating and supporting change with school and community leaders is key. Our partners in change are community members, departments of education, Catholic education offices and independent schools.

Your donation will get more Stronger Smarter Alumni into classrooms across the country. 

The Stronger Smarter Institute is an Australian Taxation Office registered Deductible Gift Recipient. Any donations of $2.00 or more made to the Stronger Smarter Institute are tax deductible.