Donate to the Stronger Smarter Institute and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, their families and teachers



The Stronger Smarter Institute believes that teachers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their families deserve support to achieve excellence in local schools and communities across Australia. We are a mass market, not a niche offering.

Our graduates impact more than 51,000 Indigenous children every school day.  Our flagship Stronger Smarter Leadership Program has trained 3046 teachers, community leaders, educators, Aboriginal Education Workers and school leaders across Australia (as at April 2018) .

More than 80% of our graduates are in active teaching duties today. We train educators. We build efficacy and workforce engagement. The Stronger Smarter Leadership Program trains in the ‘how’. It offers practices, behaviours, and processes so participants build school and classroom cultures that transform schools and produce positive educational outcomes for our children.

Collaborating and supporting change with school and community leaders is key. Our partners in change are community members, departments of education and independent schools.