The Introduction to Stronger Smarter Online Professional Learning Module presents the Stronger Smarter Approach™ (SSA) and examines critical elements of practice in schools working to make a difference in Indigenous education.

The module introduces key concepts of the SSA and encourages participants to reflect on their capacity to make a difference, and explores ways to enhance educational outcomes for Indigenous students.

Stronger Smarter Practitioner

The Introduction to Stronger Smarter Online Module introduces skills to become a Stronger Smarter Practitioner.  To fully understand how to implement these, you will need to undertake the activities within the module. Once completed, talk to your colleagues, students and community, and link with other teachers or principals who have undertaken the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program

Stronger Smarter Leader

The Stronger Smarter Leadership Program provides a more in depth understanding and practical skills development to become a Stronger Smarter Leader. Through undertaking this further training you will acquire skills and  strategies that can be used at a whole of school level to lead change and engage and motivate staff in the change process.