The Stronger Smarter Approach provides the tools and strategies to support improved outcomes in Indigenous education. Our Thought Leadership is enacted through publications of position papers, reading reviews and short articles that articulate the Stronger Smarter Approach.

The Stronger Smarter Approach Framework is articulated in the Stronger Smarter Approach Position Paper, which guides school reform to improve outcomes for Indigenous students.  The framework incorporates the Stronger Smarter Cornerstones, the Spheres of Influence and the Stronger Smarter Meta-strategies to guide the enactment of transformational approaches to Indigenous Education


Four key Cornerstones

Four key cornerstones, interconnected with the Stronger Smarter Meta-strategies, underlie the Stronger Smarter Approach:

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Three spheres of influence

The spheres of the personal, school and community come together as the Stronger Smarter Approach in a connecting space of innovation and creation.

  • The Personal Sphere is about transforming ourselves into agents of change.

  • The School Sphere is about Strength-Based Approaches, High Expectations Relationships, and using the Stronger Smarter Approach as an underpinning, common language

  • The Community Sphere is about Community Partnerships built on cohesion and collaboration.