A small shift in thinking can make a huge difference. Instead of seeing the role of educators as supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to better ‘fit in’ to a western colonial system, educators can become part of High-Expectations Relationships that value the strengths and understand the learning needs of all students.

This is rewriting the narrative of our schools to one where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and Jarjums feel a part of a schooling system that honours their cultural identity and provides culturally responsive pathways to success.

Lead author, the Institute's Chief Operations Officer, Ms Michal Purcell is supported by Ms Cathy Jackson, Dr John Davis, and Dr Rhonda Coopes.

Michal reflects on how a strength-based methodology can create a shift in thinking and actions through collaborative ways of working. This creates an organisational culture where everyone has buy-in and all voices are heard. The paper then considers what we can all do to enact a Strength-Based Approach in schools across the spheres of the Personal, School and Community.