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Our Purpose

Transforming education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

The ‘Strong and Smart’ approach, developed by Dr Chris Sarra at Cherbourg State School, is now used in schools across the country to embrace a strong and positive sense of what it means to be Aboriginal in contemporary Australian society.

We have a vision for Stronger Smarter communities across Australia, where all people are strong in culture, strong in identity and enjoy prosperous, safe and healthy lives.

Our role is to work with educators to improve the educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and beyond them, all Australian school children. We want to see every child succeeding in a Stronger Smarter classroom.

To create transformative change in Indigenous educational outcomes

Our Vision

We want to support success for all Indigenous Australian children through the advancement of education for Indigenous Australians.

Beyond the Classroom

We are proud to say that we have brought the conversation around the Stronger Smarter Approach™ , to the forefront of Australia’s education system. Responsibility for Change, Strength Based Approaches, Strong and Smart and High- Expectations Relationships are becoming fundamental language among educators, academics, professionals, and governments as crucial to improving the educational outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

We have also sparked discussion on how the Stronger Smarter Approach™ goes beyond the classroom and should be intrinsic practice in the boardroom, office or sporting field.

The Journey Ahead

Our aim to ensure every child succeeds in a Stronger Smarter classroom. We know that this will happen when communities, families and educators work together to co-create the visions for success. We continue to increase the Stronger Smarter footprint across the country, working with communities and educators as partners in change. We are continuing to expand our programs into the areas of Indigenous Knowledge and STEM, and to partner with other organisations to provide educators with the framework for Strong and Smart Classrooms with strong student relationships, and culturally-responsive curriculum and pedagogies.

Strategic Plan 2022 - 2024

Purpose: To create life-changing educational outcomes for First Nations children.
Vision: Supporting success for all First Nations children via the advancement of education.
Approach: Excellence in the connections of our Cornerstones and Meta-strategies.

Reference to entire document: Strategic Plan 2022 - 2024


Our Logo

The Stronger Smarter Institute is represented by the soaring wedge-tailed eagle. This honours the contributions made by the Cherbourg community on Wakka-Wakka country and symbolises pride and a strong sense of identity.

The eagle soars high towards a new horizon, creating transformative change in Indigenous education – where we move beyond hope to positive outcomes and great achievements for Indigenous children and our communities.

From the wisdom of our elders, "We are Eagles", Yorta Yorta leader, Sir Doug Nicholls said in 1937.