The Stronger Smarter Masterclass series provides the Next Most Powerful Step leading on from the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program. Using the guiding lens of the Stronger Smarter Approach, Masterclasses focus on providing you with the deeper learning to work with the complex challenges you may find in your schools and organisations.

The Masterclass design integrates a macro and micro level of scaffolding. The macro level is a kinnected methodology which situates Indigenous identity and knowledge at the centre of the research agenda. At the micro level, each Masterclass provides a safe circle of Indigenous educational leadership where experts will lead you through processes to reflect, challenge ideas and develop new hand-on strategies.

Each Masterclass focusses on a different topic, led by Indigenous Knowledge experts, and leading participants through the latest research. Participants then develop their own Action Research projects to take back to the school, workplace or classroom to apply shifts in thinking to their own contexts.