The Stronger Smarter Approach puts an Indigenous lens across the National Professional Standards for Teachers.  Our programs provide practical strategies to support the Standards.

For more information see: Putting an Indigenous lens over the National Standards for Teachers | Stronger Smarter

Stronger Smarter Practitioner

The Introduction to Stronger Smarter Online Module introduces skills to become a Stronger Smarter Practitioner.   Participants are encouraged to reflect on their own collaborative and cultural competence and capacity to make a difference.  The module examines critical elements of practice in schools working to enhance education outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

Stronger Smarter Leader

The Stronger Smarter Leadership Program provides a more in depth understanding to become a Stronger Smarter Leader. Through this program you will acquire skills and  strategies that can be used at a whole of school level to lead change and engage and motivate staff in the change process.