What is ToSI?

The Teachers of STEM Initiative™ is an innovative response to support Indigenous women to succeed in STEM. Developed by The Stronger Smarter Institute, through funding provided by the National Indigenous Australians Agency the Teachers of STEM Initiative provides:

  • Support to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander women to complete STEM teaching qualifications;
  • Professional development for educators seeking to improve the STEM educational experience of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students

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Support for Study

Successful applicants will receive the following support to assist them in gaining a recognised STEM teaching qualification:

  • Scholarship support to help with the costs associated with studying for undergraduate and post graduate students

  • Mentoring support from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander teachers and STEM professionals

  • Customised professional development programs

  • Networking and partnership opportunities
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Support for Teachers

Jarlarla™ is an innovative new Professional Development activity designed to ignite your passion to incorporate Indigenous Knowledges into your Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) classrooms and beyond. Through practical, on country, hands on activities, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to successfully:

  • Incorporate Indigenous Knowledges in the STEM curriculum areas

  • Develop culturally responsive curriculum resources

  • Discuss and develop strategies to authentically engage community in genuine partnerships

  • Apply and share your expertise to create innovative resources

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How to apply?

The Teachers of STEM Initiative Mentor and Support Pathway Scholarship supports  Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander women to complete STEM teaching qualifications. This could be a complete undergraduate degree or you could upgrade a current teaching or STEM qualification.

The application process occurrs in three stages:

  • Applicants must submit a written or pre recorded application
  • In the second round, successful applicants will undertake a one hour interview
  • Successful applicants will be offered a position in the Teachers of STEM Initiative



Meet our current participants

Our first cohort of ToSI participants began their journey towards becoming a STEM qualified teacher in 2020. 

Our participants come from a wide range of locations which include metropolitan, regional and remote communties. They also come from different walks of life with some already experienced educators and others just beginning their higher education journey. 

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Meet our steering committee

The role of the Steering Committee provides expert advice on the Teachers of STEM Initiative. Members:

  • provide expert advice and guidance to the initiative
  • ensure the services are of high quality
  • monitor and advise on risk mitigation strategies
  • ensure the project stays within scope
  • report any issues in relation to project quality, scope, timelines, risks and budget. 

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Indigenous Girls STEM Academy

The Indigenous Girls’ STEM Academy (the Academy) is a $25 million, ten-year national investment in high-achieving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and girls who aspire to pursue education and careers in STEM professions. The Academy will foster a generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander female leaders in STEM

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