A mesh of High-Expectations Relationships across transitions in the Early Years.

Quality relationships equal quality teaching across the educational sector. In the Early Years, High-Expectations Relationships are especially important when our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Jarjums are navigating a third cultural space. If we don’t build these relationships we end up with abrupt situations where Jarjums have to re-navigate every year because the educator turns momentum on its head and wants to start again.

In this paper, lead author Ms Fiona Bobongie, joined by Ms Cathy Jackson, describes a framework for transitions in the Early Years to support smooth transitions across the sector. The differences in approach are subtle, but the results are significant. The learning space becomes one where Jarjums can be themselves, have a sense of belonging and have the strength to become the great learners they want to be. In this way, the transition program creates a rock-solid foundation for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Jarjums in the Early Years.