Our Approach

Stronger Smarter Consultings enables all people to honour and affirm positive identities and cultures, whilst thriving in contemporary societies. Stronger Smarter Consultancy is designed to provide your organisation with solutions thinking grounded in Indigenous Knowledges to address your complex challenges.

The Stronger Smarter Approach™ honours a positive sense of cultural identity. It acknowledges and embraces positive community leadership, enabling innovative and dynamic approaches and processes that are anchored by High-Expectations-Relationships. HE-R honour the humanity of others, and in doing so, acknowledge one’s strengths, capacity and human right to emancipatory opportunity.

SSI has grown from a fledgling Institute to a powerful change agent focused on the core philosophy of developing “Stronger, Smarter” realities for Indigenous Jarjums (children) and communities, strong in identity and smart in all facets of academic education. The sense of being ‘stronger’ and ‘smarter’ has been demonstrated across the nation through our footprints with schools, communities and organisations.

Building upon this significant reach the Institute is able to offer a unique perspective, insight and access to a pool of Indigenous researchers, educators and community engagement experts. Our Research and Impact framework focuses on the cyclical process of Footprints, Weaving and Tracking.

Based upon footprints of internal and external research, project activities are woven together to enable and accelerate innovation in Indigenous education responses. Rigorous tracking adds to the knowledge base of what is known and informs future footprints.

Partnering with the Stronger Smarter Institute allows your organisation to progress beyond simply being culturally aware of Indigenous peoples to grow into becoming a culturally proficient organisation which has the necessary tools, processes and personnel to engage authentically with Indigenous peoples in a sustainable manner.

Get in touch with us today to find out how you can weave with the Stronger Smarter Approach to accelerate your organisational outcomes.