A reflection on the National Apology

The 13th of February 2024 marks 16 years since the then Prime Minister, on behalf of the nation, presented a motion to the Chamber offering a formal apology to Australia’s Indigenous peoples, particularly the Stolen Generations. This motion acknowledged that the: ‘laws and policies of successive Parliaments and governments had resulted in the forcible removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait … Read More



January 26th – upholding positive Indigenous narratives

For many, there are myriad reasons why 26 January is a date to celebrate –welcoming refugees and migrants to a new life as permanent residents in a country that is not war torn or politically unsettled or celebrating starting a new life with a partner to raise an Aussie family together. But for contemporary Australia, 26 January has always been … Read More


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Collective Efficacy – Working together for change

A ‘collective belief’ in a group’s ability to make a difference is essential for transformational change. This idea of ‘Collective Efficacy’ is an underlying principle of the Stronger Smarter Approach, and is currently gaining momentum in discussions around school improvement[i][ii]. Research has shown that high levels of Collective Efficacy at the beginning of an academic year correlate with high levels … Read More


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When challenged, how do you respond?

‘In a society where social inequity exists, educators can decide whether they continue to support the status quo, or deliberately choose to challenge these inequities.’   Stronger Smarter Institute, 2017, p.4  A key principle of the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program (SSLP) is the belief that every educator can challenge the status quo and take a personal ‘Responsibility for Change.’  The Stronger … Read More



Listening to community voice brings better community outcomes

The Institute’s work has always been based on the importance of deep listening to First Nations communities with the knowledge that collective sense making can bring better outcomes. We know that when First Nations voices have been heard and embraced, changes have been made for the better.  Schools listening to the community voice From our interviews and surveys with Stronger Smarter … Read More



Our Elders are our Most Important Teachers

NAIDOC 2023 celebrates the Elders of our community, our old people who offer their time in caring for our Jarjums and our community.  Our Elders bring mob together in times of joy, celebration and during times of grief.   They are also our most important teachers.  Since ‘time immemorial’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have had an effective and efficient … Read More


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What organisations need is leadership – not leaders. 

The principles of Stronger Smarter create great leaders regardless of context.  Principal, WA (alumni survey 2022)  In the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program (SSLP) we use the provocation from Meg Wheatley that ‘What organisations needs is leadership – not leaders.’  Instead of an organisation based on roles and chains of command, Wheatley creates a different lens to view organisations as a … Read More



Supporting Teacher Effectiveness

Three recent reports discuss how teacher professional development (PD) needs to be able to bring about embedded change.  When the Institute first developed the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program (SSLP), this is exactly what we had this in mind.   We recognise that our programs need to provide both the motivation and the strategies for teachers to make embedded, ongoing changes in … Read More



Supporting student wellbeing: Strong and Smart classrooms

A clear message from Stronger Smarter alumni in our 2022 Stronger Smarter Census survey is that improving social and emotional wellbeing for students is an essential underlying element to support students to reach their full learning potential.  This was echoed in the recent Review of the National School Reform Agreement that recommends elevating student wellbeing to an area of national priority.    … Read More



In conversations with Board Director, Tammy Anderson

Board Director, Tammy Anderson is the principal at Briar Road Public School.  She spoke to us about the role the Stronger Smarter Institute has played in her leadership journey. “It is an absolute privilege to be a principal at Briar Road Public School, the school that I went to as a little girl. I finished there in 1990 as a … Read More