2017 Leadership Programs

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Stronger Smarter Master Class

Stronger Smarter Master Class #2 will be in February 2017 with Dr Chris Matthews, Noonucal Mathematician. 

Stronger Smarter Master Classes are designed for educators who are seeking to engage in a deeper exploration of complex challenges in Indigenous education and apply the Stronger Meta-strategies in new ways.

This first Master Class was run by Tammi Webber from Catholic Education in Townsville, James Cook University’s Seeking a Pedagogy of Difference project.

Further details on Master Class #2 will be released shortly.

Our Mission and Our Approach

At the Stronger Smarter Institute our mission is to directly improve the educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

We provide our school and community partners with the tools and support to address entrenched beliefs and assumptions, embed higher expectation relationships and create Stronger Smarter classrooms.