Apply Stronger Smarter Approaches in THE DIGITAL SPACE...

In our ever changing world the Stronger Smarter Institute is rising to the challenge to create impactful and authentic Virtual Circles to allow participants to continue to deepen their understanding and sharpen their enactment of the Stronger Smarter Approach.

Our expert facilitators can lead highly customizable processes that are responsive to your requirements within a virtual environment while creating a culturally safe space for all participants

3 Session example

Session 1

Introducing Stronger Smarter, Setting the Virtual Circle and creating a safe environment


Session 2

Improving Team relationships, Identifying Areas for moving forward & sustainable team strategies


Session 3

Develop a Cultural Action Plan; identify a group value & culture, establish rituals to ensure enacting culture & value

What our Virtual Circle Participants have to say:

The processes allowed for participants to genuinely share how they are feeling …We were able to create a very emotional connection … We do lots of zooms, but this was really connected … Feel positive and connected … humbled & thankful … privileged & honoured … Yarning Circle responses were very powerful, self-reflecting, group reflecting

I have greater understanding of what everyone is going through … feel more connected than have in years … I learned a lot about my team … identified a lot of strengths … excited for next session … feel compassion for others … feel strong & smart again … excited to be here … can see a way to move forward

Every session I feel more and more inspired … this worked really well on-line … thank you … really got me thinking … great to walk away today with next steps

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