Victor Steffensen: Fire Practitioner, Filmmaker and Educator

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Vic Steffensen
Nation: Tagalaka

Victor Steffensen is an Expert Indigenous fire practitioner, filmmaker, and educator who plays a strong role in environmental and community cultural well-being.

For our students for our people, Indigenous Knowledge (IK) needs to be at the core of Culturally Responsive Curriculums (CRCs) and core of Culturally Responsive Pedagogies (CRP). Victor is a leader in both CRCs and CRPs. Over time he has worked on Traditional fire (IK) projects in Qld, NSW, VIC, WA, and Tasmania. This important work continues today, driven by the growing number of communities reconnecting their culture with the country through Aboriginal re management.  Victor enacts CRPs and CRCs in his course deliveries.

From 2010 he developed the award-winning Living Knowledge Place, a cultural online education site that connects the community to the classroom.  The program is based on traditional teaching practices and learning by example, which has proven successful in re-introducing traditional fire and other cultural practices.

IN THE CIRCLE with Victor Steffensen

Victor is one of our expert presenters for the SSiSTEMIK Masterclass in Wollongong.  Registrations are now open.

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