The Stronger Smarter Dilly Bag

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The Dilly Bag is used traditionally by Aboriginal people across Australia as a vessel to carry items of value, the metaphor of the Dilly Bag is used throughout the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program. Here David Spillman & Ben Wilson explain how the metaphor of a Dilly Bag (The Stronger Smarter Dilly Bag) is used and speak in detail about the tools, processes and approaches used throughout the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program.

As David Spillman explains in the video below

“In the Stronger Smarter Leadership program we’ve selected and come to use the metaphor of the Dilly Bag. The Stronger Smarter Dilly Bag represents all the stuff that we bring with us to the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program. It gives our gifts, our talents, our strengths, our preferences, our beliefs and opinions, our experiences, and during the course of our Stronger Smarter Leadership Program we get people to have a look in their Dilly Bag to see what it is they carry with them. Most of it is awesome because they’re successful human beings, but there’ll be some stuff in there that’s in there holding them back nevertheless.

We use a whole range of conversational process frameworks, provocation and powerful questions, so the tools in the Dilly Bag emerge through our collective work and individual work of becoming. So we then just hold those tools up and say ‘do you realise we’ve just used this tool as a tool for reflection, or just used this tool as a tool for a conversational process for a particular purpose’. Now, if those tools work for you put them in your Dilly Bag, if they don’t just leave them, it’s okay, we all need different tools at this point in our journeys.”




  1. The Stronger Smarter Dilly Bag sounds like a strong took for positive change, how inspiring. Thank you.

  2. I love the idea of the Dilly Bag When I watched the videos and the non-Aboriginal teacher said what hit home to him was “the importance of having the courage to challenge conversations to go out and work with community and ask people to help them” and also when the young fella said “and doing things with people not to people” that hit me and actually bought tears to my eyes Really challenging people while also empowering them not blaming or shaming

    Powerful stuff
    Thank you Dr Sara and the Stronger Smarter staff

  3. I got some great ideas for my classroom. The “Yarn” and having a conversation where we listen to each other. I want to take into my Dilly Bag as an educator that I am “enabling” not changing my students. This will be my focus for term three. How am I ‘enabling’ my students”? what is my teacher speak?”

    Thanks so much


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