Nicole Simone is a descendent of the Bundjalung Peoples from the Northern Rivers of New South Wales. Nicole has over 27 years of professional field experiences in all sectors of Indigenous education. Her experiences range from Early Childhood as the Director of Aboriginal Childrens’ Services, Primary teaching as an Aboriginal literacy and numeracy teacher, Secondary as a Community Education Counsellor (CEC). Nicole has also held senior positions within the NSW Aboriginal Programs Unit as Senior Education Officer for Early Childhood, Aboriginal languages and district Aboriginal Education Consultant. Nicole’s most recent professional field experiences in Queensland, as Indigenous Curriculum Officer and Regional Manager for Indigenous Education, inspired her to view mathematics from a different cultural perspective. Nicole’s passion for mathematics was inspired by Traditional Custodians and Elders during the collaborative development of a place-based mathematics resource aligned to the Australian Curriculum Mathematics. Her belief is that mathematics is not culture neutral, as it can be contextualised from a cultural perspectives. Nicole is a member of the Australian Indigenous STEM Network, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance (ATSIMA) and has completed her Master of Philosophy. She is currently the Senior Program Officer for the Teachers of STEM Initiative (TOSI) and a member of the Research and Impact team with Stronger Smarter Institute.