Mr Gary Lennon

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BA (Hons) Economics, Fellow of Chartered Accountants.

Gary has served as Group Chief Financial Officer for National Bank of Australia since March 2016, and previously held the role of Executive General Manager Finance and Chief Financial Officer, Wholesale Banking.  Prior to joining NAB in 2008, Gary spent eight years holding a number of senior finance executive roles at Deutsche Bank in Australia, Japan and Singapore. Prior to Deutsche Bank, Gary was with KPMG for 10 years and held senior management roles in Sydney and London.  Gary was a Director on the Victorian Traditional Owners Trust (resigned September 2017) and is also on the Advisory Board of the Group of 100 (Organisation of Chief Financial Officers and Finance Executives from Australia’s largest companies).

I’ve always had a passion around the idea that it’s absolutely outrageous that Indigenous Australians get different outcomes to other Australians.  AFR 2017

Both of Gary’s parents were teachers and the Stronger Smarter Approach, with its emphasis of setting strong expectations, creating a positive sense of cultural identity and developing strong leaders, resonated with the views of his father, who taught in several Indigenous communities.

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