Fiona Bobongie

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Fiona Bobongie (nee Mann) is a proud Darumbal and South Sea Islander woman, from the First Nations People of Tanna and Ambrym Island.

She has worked with the Stronger Smarter Institute for 5 years. As Jarjums Team Leader evolved the development and implementation of the inaugural Jarjums Program.  Fiona is a specialist in delivering the Leadership, Jarjums, Workplaces and Specialist Programs. She has delivered Professional Development for educators for 10 years.  Fiona is now working as a Senior Project Officer in our Research and Impact Team.

Her experiences span over 30 years working in Education in various roles. Within the Qld Department of Education her positions ranged from Teacher Aide, Teacher, Acting Principal to Principal Project Officer for Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in Schools and Early Childhood in two regions – Central Queensland and North Queensland.

Her recent highlights include co-writing the chapter Stronger Smarter: Transformational change for Australian schools with rock-solid foundations in the Early Years, in the World Yearbook of Education 2020. Other highlights include presenting at the Early Childhood Australia Conference, Hobart 2019, Early Childhood Australia Reconciliation Symposium 2017, NSW Gowrie Conference 2016, AIATSIS National Conference 2012, National Australian Women’s Conference. Internationally, Fiona spoke at WIPCE the World Indigenous Peoples Conference in Education in Hawaii, 2014 and Toronto, Canada, 2017.   She has also presented at the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Principals Association and Te Akatea (Maori Principals) Brisbane, 2016 and in Waitangi, Aeotearoa in 2018.

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