Reading Review: Indigenous STEM Education Project – First Evaluation Report

  This Reading Review is based on a national evaluation report of the targeted Indigenous STEM approach taken by CSIRO as part of their successful procurement of a $28 million grant from BHP Billiton Foundation. The Indigenous STEM Education Project report by Tynan and Noon (2017) expands more specifically into the Indigenous STEM space by providing a comprehensive Literature Review … Read More

Reading Review: “Postcolonial Computing: A Lens on Design and Development”

This Reading Review explores the paper Postcolonial Computing: A Lens on Design and Development by Irani, Vertesi, Dourish, Philip & Grinter (2010). This paper was suggested by Associate Professor Chris Lawrence from the University of Technology, Sydney. The insights and research from Irani et al. is used by Associate Professor Lawrence as a foundational framework for projects he is currently undertaking to … Read More