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SSiSTEMIK Pathways Masterclass

The Stronger Smarter Institute offers educators and community leaders the opportunity to have deeper engagement in the role that Indigenous Knowledges (IK) have in shaping and redefining science, technology, engineering, and mathematics now and into the future.

At Stronger Smarter we recognise the opportunity to build on the strong foundations that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students demonstrate in STEM classroom spaces. We have responded by creating the Stronger Smarter Institute Indigenous Knowledges in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (SSiSTEMIK) Pathways.




SSiSTEMIK 4 day Masterclass
Venue TBC
7&8 September + 26&27 OctoberJodie EdwardsRegister NOW


SSiSTEMIK Masterclass ($3500 ex GST)

Location: Wollongong
Dates: 7&8 September + 26&27 October

This unique Masterclass will allow participants to put what they learn from local Indigenous Knowledge expert Jodi Edwards (pictured), into practice directly on country.SSiSTEMIK Masterclasses are designed to be run over 2x 2-day sessions 5-6 weeks apart. This allows participants to undertake the cycle of deepening and designing research with time to consolidate core understanding and forward thinking.

Join SSI facilitators and various Indigenous Knowledge (IK) experts as we unpack the connections between Indigenous knowledges, the Mathematics curriculum and STEM thinking. Explore how this relates to your home community and how you can implement these frameworks in your own setting.

This masterclass is best suited to teachers and leaders who are teaching or leading implementation of STEM in curriculum. Researchers or people that are interested in learning more about STEM and Indigenous communities will also find this Masterclass beneficial.


Get in Touch about our SSiSTEMIK Pathways, if you are seeking:

  • A research pathway in Indigenous Education
  • Exposure to the current Indigenous STEM research to inform your teaching practice
  • Culturally responsive ways to engage all students especially Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students with STEM
  • Hands on Professional Learning with real implementation outcomes
  • An opportunity to listen and engage with Indigenous experts in the field of Indigenous STEM
  • A program that is linked to the National Curriculum (ACARA) and the National Teaching Standards (AITSL)
  • To build your capacity and confidence to teach STEM through an Indigenous lens


  1. I am very interested in attending your master class but I am unable to find how much it costs.

  2. I am very interest in attending this! I have downloaded the registration form however can not find out how much it costs to register.
    please let me know

  3. Hi, I received an invite to the SS Master Class and have approached my managers in the ACT re the possibility of attending. I just have a query re my eligibility to attend as I completed the 5 day Stronger Smarter Facilitator Training in Cherbourg and follow up in 2011 or 12 -however I have not attended the Leadership Training as such – are these different?
    I currently work as a School Leader C in the ACT directorate in a consultancy role and would relish the opportunity of a Stronger Smarter Project to make a difference in my work place here. Can you please let me know about eligibility ASAP as my managers are looking to approve my attendance in the coming week? Thanks Jude

    • Hi Judith
      Apologies, due to a change of staff we have only just now received your comment. To have completed the 5 Day Facilitator Training in Cherbourg you would have had to have done the Leadership Training (this is the first program in our Stronger Smarter leadership pathways). We would be happy to have you attend the next Master Class which is scheduled for March 2018 with Dr Chris Matthews, Noonucal Mathematician as leader. There will be more information to hand in the new year on the website or please sign up to our newsletter for updates.

    • Hi Judith

      I have emailed our research team with your query.


  4. Will you be running more of these sessions, possibly in Vicotria?

    • Hi Peta
      Yes we are planning more next year. We are conducting another Master Class in March 2018 with Dr Chris Matthews, Noonucal Mathematician as leader. More information will be on our website in the New Year.
      regards SSI

  5. Will there be another Master Class in 2018?
    Kylie Greatbatch attended the recent Master Class in Nov…she highly recommended the PL and I am very interested in attending.

    • Hi Alison
      Yes we are conducting another Master Class in March 2018 with Dr Chris Matthews, Noonucal Mathematician as leader. More information to come on our website in the New Year, regards SSI

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