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Stronger Smarter Alumni Census 2024

Census opens on 12th June 2024

The Stronger Smarter Census is our time to listen. 

This is the time when engage with our Stronger Smarter alumni across the country to hear how each of you are creating change in the schools and communities where you work.

If you have completed a Stronger Smarter Leadership Program or a Stronger Smarter Jarjums program, you will be sent an individual link to complete our 2024 Stronger Smarter Census.

If you have completed a previous version of a Census, this year we will send you a slightly different, slightly shorter survey where we will ask you to share your stories of strength and success.

If you’ve changed your contact details or haven’t received your Census email, please update your details below.

Great Prizes to be won!

We want to hear from everyone, so we’ve got some great prizes to send out.

  • Our CEO, Dr Chris Sarra, loves the opportunity to zoom into a school staff meeting or to talk to students. Our overall prize winner will have the opportunity to arrange a time for your staff or students to talk to Dr Sarra.
  • Every week we will pull 5 winners out of the hat to receive a signed copy of Dr Chris Sarra’s book, ‘Good Morning, Mr Sarra’. In this 10-year anniversary edition Dr Sarra describes how he created the ‘strong and smart’ philosophy as well as reflecting on recent life and career achievements.

Read our 2022 Census Reports

In 2022, you told us that you were enacting the Stronger Smarter Approach

  • 88% had either completed or were still working on their Workplace Challenge.
  • 41% had gone beyond your original workplace challenge in enacting the Stronger Smarter Approach.
  • 73% said this was a collaborative process where you had worked with others to enact the Stronger Smarter Approach. 

In 2022 you told us you were creating change …

  • In your classrooms to create learning environments with greater trust, where students have a better attitude to learning, and have a sense of pride and belonging
  • With community to create greater community voice, a shared language of student success, shared values, and with increased understanding and respect for local cultural knowledge
  • With staff to improve staff morale and wellbeing, ensure greater collaboration and more open dialogue, and ensuring high expectations. 

Census Report 2022
Summary report
Census Report 2022
Full Report

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