Help us take our Next Most Powerful Step

All individual invitations to the survey have been sent.  If you haven't received your Census invitation please let us know.

The Stronger Smarter Census is the time when the Institute stops to reflect and engage with our alumni on why the Stronger Smarter Approach is so important to Australia.  This is our time to listen to how each of you, as Stronger Smarter Leadership Program alumni, are creating change in the schools and communities where you work.

It is so important for us to understand how the work of the Institute shapes what you do.  This is information that will inform our initiatives in coming years and help us take our Next Most Powerful Step.

For this Census to be reliable, we need to hear from all of you, our SSLP alumni.  At the Institute, we have a unique opportunity to reach out across Australia to metropolitan, regional and remote schools, small and large, to community leaders, school leaders, and educators in the classroom.  We want to hear from everyone.

For those who have completed our Census before, we want to hear from you again to know what has changed in the last two years.


Great Prizes to be won! 

To encourage everyone to complete the survey, we are offering some great prizes: 

  • A virtual lunch with Institute founder and Chairman, Dr Chris Sarra for you and your colleagues.
  • A virtual lunch with Institute CEO, Dr John Davis for you and your colleagues. 
  • 10 free places at an Institute program – your opportunity to attend our Specialists Program or a Masterclass, or to send other staff members to a program.

  • Opportunities to win a Stronger Smarter pack with notebook and pens.  

The 2018 Census report 

The results of our 2018 survey shows that schools across the country are embedding the Stronger Smarter Approach. 

You can read the summary of our Census report here. 

In 2018, you told us  

  • 80% of respondents reported that the Stronger Smarter training continues to have ‘considerable impact’ on their personal leadership and workplace practice.  
  • Over 85% of respondents said they had taken the learnings from the program beyond their personal work to talk to others or work with others to implement Stronger Smarter ideas and practices in the workplace. 
  • 97% of respondents said they had used the language of Strong and Smart to promote high expectations and belief in students, with 74% saying they use this language with students every week.