Strong Smart Deadly T-Shirts now on sale!!

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Look deadly and help to spread the Stronger Smarter message!


The Stronger Smarter Institute is excited to announce that our Strong Smart Deadly T-Shirts are now available for children and adults across the country to purchase!

Join the hundreds of people across the country have purchased a shirt, we’ve seen them being used for school attendance prizes, used as NAIDOC uniforms and being worn because they just look DEADLY!!

To make sure you’re part of the action, please complete the 20180610 SSI Strong Smart Deadly Shirt Order Form and return to

Ambassador Sean Choolburra

Ambassador Sean Choolburra wearing the Strong Smart Deadly T-Shirt


  1. We all need one of these

    • I agree!

  2. Good Luck Michal and Toby, I hope you make it!

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