Getting Closer – Video Series

How do we improve the educational outcomes for Indigenous students? How do we achieve quality teaching in our classrooms, a quality environment in our schools and a quality supportive context in our communities?

These are among the questions put to students, educators, parents and community Elders in Stronger Smarter: Getting Closer

The series comprises 3 Programs

  • Program 1: Indigenous Elders
  • Program 2: Indigenous Students
  • Program 3: Indigenous Educators

Panel members – selected from schools and communities all over Queensland – are led in discussion by Dr Chris Sarra, the Director of the Stronger Smarter Institute. They share their perspectives and experiences about the teaching and learning space in schools.

  • The Elders Panel includes respected Elders Aunty Val Coolwell, Uncle Albert Holt and Uncle Warry John Stanley who give accounts of their years spent encouraging stronger links between schools and the communities they serve.
  • On the Staff Panel teachers and teacher’s aides on the Educators Panel speak of the importance of building trust in the classroom.
  • Students on the Student Panel speak of finding inner strength as Indigenous students to succeed in achieving their goals.

Dr Sarra said: “For too long as educators we simply accepted that what happens outside that space – home life, community life – as an excuse for failure to deliver high quality education to Indigenous children. All of us – leaders, teachers, educators, students, families and communities –  we are all responsible. We all have to face the challenges of achieving the best, of lifting our game – of creating stronger smarter teaching and learning spaces.”


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Supporting resources

The facilitator guide supports the video in school planning and professional development.

Facilitation Guide (pdf, 896kb)