The Stronger Smarter Institute and Adelaide Crows Foundation are proud to announce our partnership to facilitate the innovative Kuwa Circles program, funded by the National Careers Institute Partnership Grants.

The program Kuwa (Kaurna word for Crow) Circles is designed to engage under-represented female Indigenous students in career pathway development whilst enhancing partnerships between organisations. The project’s key partners, the Stronger Smarter Institute, Adelaide Crows Foundation, IPA, Tauondi Aboriginal Community College and the Tjindu Foundation, have identified several significant barriers that impact Indigenous women’s accessing, education and career pathways particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Our partnership will provide Indigenous women with career education, and career pathway opportunities. Using AFL sport concepts matched with the principles of STEM, resulting in a groundbreaking program that strengthens STEM knowledge and leads to greater career pathways for Indigenous women.

The Adelaide Crows Foundation aims to build stronger communities using the power of sport to engage, enrich and inspire our next generation of AFL enthusiasts.  A partnership with the Stronger Smarter Institute will ensure that Indigenous women develop confidence, resilience, and leadership to break through the barriers of pursuing a career. Importantly, the program includes culturally responsive and engaging support and mentoring mechanisms relating to academic confidence and career pathways.

The principles of circle group work, creating safe spaces and deep listening will be the cornerstones of the section of the program delivered by the Stronger Smarter Institute.

Kuwa Circles will create a greater awareness of Career Pathways for First Nations women and contribute to an evidence base addressing the needs and aspirations of women undertaking training and apprenticeships. We look forward to sharing the programs outcomes post the program evaluation.

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