Maths as Storytelling

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This Reading Review provides a summary and review of Dr Chris Matthews’ chapter on Maths as Storytelling, from the book Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education, edited by Dr Kaye Price. Matthews explores the connection between culture and mathematics and how Indigenous people have been positioned as mathematical learners.

He explains the Cloud Model as a Culturally Responsive Pedagogical (CRP) approach to mathematics that embraces Indigenous student identity.  Matthews developed the Cloud Model in response to the impact of terra nullius education, and perceptions of mathematics as a discipline that transcends people.  The Cloud Model aims to reconnect people by viewing mathematics as a cultural product

Matthews explains two pedagogical approaches that have been developed from the Cloud Model:  ‘Maths as Storytelling’ and ‘Maths as Dance’.


Read our review of Maths as Storytelling (pdf)

Stronger Smarter Institute Research & Impact Footprinting. Full Ready Review. "Matchs as Storytelling".



Read a two-page summary of the Maths as Storytelling review (pdf)

Stronger Smarter Institute Research & Impact Footprinting. Reading Review - Summary. "Maths as Storytelling".


Matthews, C. (2015). Maths as Storytelling:  Maths is beautiful. In Price, K (ed).  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education:  An introduction for the teaching profession.  Second edition.  Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, VIC.

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