SSiSTEMIK Pathways

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples have been gathering and honing traditional skills and knowledge for more than 50,000 years.  They are the world’s first Scientists, Technicians, Engineers and Mathematicians. 

The Stronger Smarter Institute offers educators and community leaders the opportunity to have a deeper engagement in the role that Indigenous Knowledges have led in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to continue that role into the future.


2019 Dates

Stronger Smarter Institute Indigenous Girls STEM Academy (SSIIGSA) - Teachers of STEM InitiativeOpen for EOI
Masterclass in Digital Technologies (2 days)24-25 JuneApply NOW
SSiSTEMIK 4 day SCIENCE MasterclassTerm 3Open for EOI using the enquiries form below.
SSiSTEMIK 4 day MATHS MasterclassTerm 4Open for EOI using the enquiries form below.

SSiSTEMIK 4 day program: who should attend?

· Upper-level primary school teachers
·         High school specialist teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics
·         Heads of Curriculum/Departments
·         Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander educators

Enquire now about our SSiSTEMIK pathways if you are seeking:

  • Exposure to the current Indigenous STEM research to inform your teaching practice
  • Culturally responsive ways to engage all students especially Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students with STEM
  • An opportunity to experience the pedagogy of inquiry, through a hands-on inquiry investigation
  • An opportunity to listen and engage with Indigenous experts in the field of Indigenous STEM
  • A program that is linked to the National Curriculum (ACARA) and the National Teaching Standards (AITSL)
  • To build your capacity and confidence to teach Indigenous STEM

4 day Program Fee = $3500 (+ GST) OR $3850 (incl. GST)


The Office of the Chief Scientist estimates that seventy-five percent of the fastest growing occupations for the future will require Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) skills and knowledges and that there is a growing crisis and STEM skills shortage.  Concurrently the latest PISA results show that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are outperforming their non-Indigenous peers in Science in the areas of the awareness of environmental issues, the knowledge, and application of science beliefs and constructs and they possess more optimism about environmental issues.  However, students levels of achievement in National Testing doesn’t reflect these inherent perspectives.

At Stronger Smarter we know that there is an opportunity to build on the strong foundations that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are demonstrating.   We have responded by creating the Stronger Smarter Institute Indigenous Knowledges in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (SSiSTEMIK) program.