Stronger Smarter Specialists Program

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Expressions of Interest are sought from Stronger Smarter Leadership Graduates interested in the Stronger Smarter Specialists program.  If that’s you please complete the APPLICATION form below.


What is the next most powerful conversation you need to have in your workplace?


This question challenges participants in the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program. That challenge led to the development of the Stronger Smarter Specialists Program; an opportunity to concentrate on how to facilitate powerful conversations in a school community or workplace context.


Specialists EOI:

The Specialists Program enables Stronger Smarter alumni to embed the philosophy, meta-strategies and processes in their school or workplace by focusing on specialist leadership skills and processes for enabling high expectations, excellence-oriented school cultures.

If you are interested in participating in the program, please consider the following:

• Your commitment to ongoing facilitative leadership practice in your setting, including your use of the Stronger Smarter philosophy and processes since completing the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program

• Your availability to attend all program sessions and participate in subsequent activities, including personal reflection, learning journal, ‘virtual’ group check-ins and feedback sessions and

• Support from your supervisor, including financial support to meet program & travel/accommodation costs.

Please note:

• Completion of the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program is a pre-requisite.

• An application is made by Expression Of Interest below.

• Participants are responsible for travel to and from the airport or venue.

Specialist Program Details

Location: Ballina NSW
Dates: 6-9 October 2020
Program fee: $3,500 per person (ex GST)