Leadership Program Brochure

Creating High Expectations Relationships (HER) in excellence-oriented school cultures

“…if we believe in young children, we give them licence to believe in themselves. And when young children believe they can be stronger and smarter.  That brightens the future in very honourable ways.  Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Stronger Smarter Institute National Summit 2012”

The Stronger Smarter Institute is committed to changing the tide of low expectations in Indigenous education in Australia.  The Stronger Smarter Institute works with school and community leaders in pursuit of high expectations relationships and high-performance school cultures.  More than 3000 educators in over 825 schools across the country have made the decision to lay solid foundations in the creation of Stronger Smarter inclusive, strength-based school cultures.


Transformation through Leadership

There exists in Australia, as does in other parts of the world, an urgent need for quality leadership in schools. Nowhere is this more imperative than within marginalised and resource-poor communities.  Within the education system, many children struggle against a culture of low expectations and stifled perceptions of who they are.  Their self-esteem, achievements, and ambitions can be, and so often are, deeply corroded.  Attaining excellence in learning for all children may require significant school community transformation, which is essentially about shifting and renewing school cultures.
Our approach is founded on belief and experience that any group of people usually already holds the collective knowledge and wisdom to successfully meet the complex challenges they face.  Successful use of this knowledge and wisdom requires deep listening, reflection, collective sense-making and decision-making processes.

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