Participant Feedback

Stronger Smarter Leadership Program. Brilliant and inspiring. Instilled a sense of hope and possibility. Program Participant 2010.

Leadership Program participants have described the program as intense, stimulating, challenging and full of humour and personal involvement.

“Stronger Smarter for me was unlike any other professional learning.  All other programs I’ve been to concentrate on specific academic teachings.  The Stronger Smarter program taught me not only skills that help in the school context but the philosophical underpinnings are incredible!!! Everyone that leaves is not just a better teacher, Principal etc., but a better person.”

Program Participant, 2012

“It reinforced that though there are long-term, complex issues that seem to continually evolve and develop, my part within them is important, and I understand that I am a part within the global change to these issues… that through changes within myself I can contribute to building solutions to the whole.”

Principal, 2011

“I realise more that these strategies and philosophies are not only relative to Indigenous communities, but quite global.”

Group School Assistant, 2010

“On a deeply profound level it made me evaluate myself, my identity as an individual and how I brought that to my perceived role as a principal and a person.”

Program Participant, 2012

“This has been a very thought provoking workshop and has given me the motivation to get back out and take the next step. The friendships and networks I have developed are invaluable!”

Program Participant, 2011

“Brilliant and inspiring. Instilled a sense of hope and possibility.”

Program Participant 2010


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