Jesse King: CSIRO Indigenous Knowledges Professional and Curriculum Resource Development

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Jesse King
Nation: Waanyi-Gangalidda

Jesse is a former teacher who is now CSIRO’s Senior Coordinator in the Inquiry for Indigenous Science students program, a part of CSIRO’s Indigenous STEM project.  In his current role, he develops and delivers Professional Development and Resources for Indigenous context hands-on Science Inquiry for schools linked to the curriculum.  This involves working with communities to source, secure and share non-secret and non-sacred traditional knowledges.

Jesse says, “Good science inquiry aligns with Indigenous ways of doing and being as well as the collaborative ways of doing things differently.”

In our SSiSTEMIK program, Jess will showcase current best practice for the use of Indigenous Knowledges in education.  This will involve a hands-on investigation to clearly demonstrate the links and processes that go into developing solid educational curriculum activities.

He says he’s passionate about STEM because,

“I want our mob to be represented, we have a lot to offer as the longest living sustainable culture on the planet.  We need to strengthen the Indigenous knowledges in STEM education.   We’re going to need to have different skills sets – now to forge our pathways for the future of all Australians and the world.   Everything that Indigenous people are and do is perfectly aligned with the STEM space.  It’s in our nature to work with people, to solve problems and to do what’s best for our survival.  That’s what the world needs more of and that’s how we’ve survived to be here today.”

IN THE CIRCLE with Jesse King

Jesse is one of our expert presenters for the inaugural SSiSTEMIK program on the 6-7th of August 2018 and the 10-11th of September 2018.

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