Jarlarla (Waanyi-Garrwa)

adjective to ignite, to set ablaze

Check out our Jarlara locations and dates 

Our inaugural Jarlarla program will be held in Cabbage Tree Island on the 9th, 10th and 11th of December. Jarlarla will be coming to Cairns in Semester 2 2020 and Perth in Semester 1 2021.

The first 10 registrations receive an additional seat at no extra cost. Travel and accommodation assistance is also available.

For more Information contact us as at IGSA.TOSI@strongersmarter.com.au

Jarlarla is an innovative new Professional Development activity designed to ignite your passion to incorporate Indigenous Knowledges into your STEM curriculum and beyond. Through practical, on country, hands on activities, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to successfully:

  • Incorporate Indigenous Knowledges in the STEM curriculum
  • Select and evaluate culturally proficient resources
  • Discuss and develop strategies to authentically engage community in genuine partnerships
  • Apply and share your expertise to create innovative resources

Based off the design of the SSiSTEMIK Masterclasses, Jarlara provides real strategies to enact the Stronger Smarter Approach. The three (3) day program will weave you through Stronger Smarter processes and connect living knowledges to real learning activities.


How can we authentically incorporate Indigenous histories and cultures into our teaching and learning programs? 

What  can my school do to build a cooperative partnership with community to inform our curriculum context? 

How do Indigenous Knowledges enrich the curriculum for all students?

If you are asking these questions then Jarlarla is for you!

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