Chris Sarra speaks with ABC Conversations

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Chris SarraEducator Chris Sarra believes that students will achieve more if more is expected from them.

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  1. Currently I’m reading a book that breaks my heart about the treatment given to the aboriginal people as early in the first 100 years.! I believe if the author of this book speaks true then the queen of England must apologies to the aboriginal people! Not the Australian government is partly to blame.

  2. Dear Dr Chris Sarra
    After watching the ABC program I was both inspired and motivated by your story. If you are in Sydney I would like to meet with you to discuss your work and opportunities to advance Australia to a more tolerant accepting and all inclusive nation. My number is 0451131634. I am generous with my time and am committed to work that breaks down us and them and activities that bring about results of ‘we’ as Australians.
    I look forward to your positive reply.
    Sincerely yours
    Hind Kourouche

    • Dear Hind,
      I also found the subject ABC Program interesting and I would be grateful for the opportunity to meet with you to confer and share my thoughts. The concept of “we” is not an ideology but is fact and DOES exist in society but is hidden and needs to meander its way to the forefront and not be hidden by individual and/or cultural ideologies and perceptions.
      The “us and them” attitude will always exist at all levels of society, but this is natural. Take for example a footy-match, the “us and them” is inherent in many sports and likewise in many facets of life. So I don’t believe you can totally eliminate this mind-set, but that is not necessarily bad, if you know what I mean.
      Anyway I can talk on the subject for hours. I would really love to share an open dialogue with you on the subject and I would be grateful for your time. Please note that I can talk forever on this matter – so please allocate as much time as you could.
      Would you be available for lunch, dinner or even just a mere cup of coffee – anytime / anywhere?
      Yours Sincerely

  3. Brother Chris,

    Your work is very inspirational – At the age of 40 I have decided to walk into Southern Cross UNI and chase the piece of paper to assist in the ground swell of change, so we the people can finally take a place at the mainstream table !

    Peace Brother,
    Rosco River

  4. I am watching ‘Beyond Victims’ what a sad sad world we live in. I have been crying listening to you talk. This country does not realise that our aboriginal people have a lot that we should learn from, words I would use to describe aboriginals is pride, happiness, gentle, caring, willing to give, family orientated, smart and much more, I am proud of aboriginals and will gladly challenge anyone who would put them down to me.

  5. This is such a powerful point! When we are quiet, and rllaey take the time to see what our children are interested in, what we say can be so much more meaningful and salient. As a fellow speech language pathologist I see everyday how much impact this can have. It’s not as easy as it sounds, this waiting thing, but it’s worth the extra effort (or restraint!

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