Call to Stronger Smarter Alumni – be involved in a Stronger Smarter research project in 2017

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Are you interested in a deeper exploration of the Stronger Smarter Approach? In 2017, the Stronger Smarter Institute is seeking input and co-authorship for research papers from our Stronger Smarter Leadership Program alumni.

If you are interested in being involved in research projects, please let us know by completing the Expression of Interest (EOI) and sending it to us at

We are focusing on three main research projects this year.

  • Remote Schools – we have a major project funded through the federal government’s Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) to look deeper at how the Stronger Smarter Approach can support remote schools.
  • Regional Schools – we are also interested in hearing from regional schools who have implemented the Stronger Smarter Approach as a whole of school strategy.
  • Indigenous languages – Stronger Smarter Approaches to Indigenous Pedagogies.

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