#BecauseOfHerWeCan Cathy Jackson on her Gran

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My family is small and the women around me when I was growing up were my Mother, my sister, my two grandmothers, and for a short time my great grandmother.  My Mother was central to everything, giving up a career for her family.  For NAIDOC week, however, I’d like to talk about my Gran, who instilled in me a deep sense of the importance of education for everyone.

In 1923, Louisa Davies (my Gran) graduated from Teachers College in London and went on to become a teacher.  What a stark contrast to what was happening in Australia at the time.  Some of the Indigenous women I’ve been honoured to work with and talk to, have told me how their grandmothers and great-grandmothers were denied access to schooling almost completely.  This leaves me with such sadness and also remembering how lucky I am.

Sundays were the time of family gathering.  In summer, a favourite activity was picking blackberries – our bush tucker of the English hedgerows.  Gran, who had lived through two wars, loved making her own jams and preserves – anything to save money!  In winter, we sat inside by a coal fire, and that’s when I could talk to her and learn from her.

I was always sad that she didn’t live to see me accepted into University – her greatest wish for her grandchildren was that we all got a good education.

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