Our Team

We are committed to the Stronger Smarter Approach and High Expectations Relationships (HER) for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and, beyond them, all Australian students.

The Stronger Smarter Institute doesn’t just teach High Expectations Relationships (HER) to our partner school and community leaders we live, breath and honour the Stronger Smarter Approach every day and in all that we do, from our homes, to our office and training rooms. We work hard and support each other to be the best we can be.  This ensures we are delivering the best training and support to our school communities who are on the ground delivering the Stronger Smarter Approach to our Indigenous students. The Stronger Smarter Institute honours diversity.  This is reflected in the composition of our team. There are both male and female, Indigenous and non-Indigenous team members.   Some with teaching backgrounds and others with other workplace and other community experience.  We are all committed to the Stronger Smarter Approach and share a strong commitment to ensuring successful life outcomes for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and beyond them, all Australian students.






Scott Gorringe Senior Facilitator

enquiries@strongersmarter.com.auScott Gorringe

Scott Gorringe is a Mithaka man from far western Queensland. Scott has lived most of his life in remote and rural communities. Following his Masters of Rural Systems Management at University of Queensland, a scholarship with the University of British Columbia afforded Scott the opportunity to live with and learn from Canada’s First Nation peoples. Scott has established mentoring programs for Education Queensland, worked with a Native Title Service Provider and facilitated leadership programs at the Centre for Rural and Regional Innovation. He blends his experience, traditional knowledge and education to facilitate learning about ourselves and relating to others.

David Spillman Senior Facilitator

enquiries@strongersmarter.com.auDavid Spillman

David Spillman has lived and worked in remote Northern Territory Indigenous communities in leadership and teaching positions. He has a Bachelor of Human Movement Studies and Masters of Medical Science from University of Queensland, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics from Queensland University of Technology and is currently studying for a PhD. With Scott Gorringe he has undertaken projects for Indigenous community renewal and governance, and leadership and community engagement in the non-Government sector. Exploring how we can connect with our deep humanity to create success fascinates him.

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