Our Aim and the Stronger Smarter Approach

Better hope, achievements and educational outcomes for indigenous children

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Our Aim

At the Stronger Smarter Institute, our aim is to directly improve the educational outcomes for Indigenous Australian and beyond them, all Australian school children.

Our Approach

Every student deserves to feel safe, respected, valued and happy. Every student deserves to dream, believe and succeed.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in Australia. Many children face a culture of low expectations and negative perceptions of who they are.  As a result, their self-esteem, achievements and ambitions can be, and so often are, deeply corroded.

The solution and the Stronger Smarter approach unlocks the belief and confidence of teachers and parents to give all children the opportunity to be the best they can be.

We help people uncover and own habitual patterns that impact on their ways of thinking, seeing, talking and doing and ability to meet challenges.

We explain why and how our own beliefs and assumptions impact our relationships and interaction with others in positive or negative ways and how that translates in a classroom environment between teachers and students.

We show how High Expectations Relationships transform classrooms, improve student attendance, deliver positive numeracy and literacy outcomes, and increase engagement of children and their families in learning that really matters.

We provide our school and community partners with the tools and support to address entrenched beliefs and assumptions, embed higher expectation relationships and create Stronger Smarter classrooms.

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Our partnership approach allows for a maximum scale to be achieved, leading to as many students as possible enjoying better outcomes from the Stronger Smarter aApproach.

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