About Us

Transforming education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

In 2018, the Stronger Smarter Institute marks 12+ years of delivering better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children across Australia.

We partner with individuals, schools and communities who share our approach to the transformative power of Higher Expectations Relationships (HER); a positive sense of cultural identity and positive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership.

To date, we have worked with more than 834 schools across the nation and 3100 graduates of our leadership program who directly influence the classrooms and outcomes of over 54,000 Indigenous students.

As a result, we are not just increasing the educational outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, but forever changing future generations, by partnering with and supporting parents and teachers.

Our Vision

We want to see Stronger Smarter communities across Australia, where people are strong in culture, strong in identity and are able to enjoy prosperous, safe and healthy lives.

Our Aim

At the Stronger Smarter Institute, our aim is to directly improve the educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Beyond the Classroom

We are proud to say that we have brought the conversation around HER, a positive sense of cultural identity and positive Indigenous leadership to the forefront of Australia’s education system. It is becoming fundamental speak among educators, academics, professionals, and governments as crucial to improving the educational outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

We have also sparked discussion on how HER goes beyond the classroom and why it is a unique and essential foundation of the Stronger Smarter Approach.

We have shown why HER is not just applicable in the classroom but should be intrinsic practice in the boardroom, office or even sporting field.

Journey Ahead

Australia is facing a population bubble within the 0-4 year old age cohort that follows similar population growth in the 5-11 years cohort. This bubble is predicted to peak in 2020.

Australia’s educators and communities trust and support the Stronger Smarter Approach and our growth has amplified to meet this growing student population.

We plan to increase our footprint right across the country, through our partnerships with educators and parents.

Our aim is to ensure every child succeeds in a Stronger Smarter classroom.


Discover articles, video and other resources that further articulate the  Stronger Smarter Philosophy.

Stronger Smarter Approach

The Stronger Smarter Approach honours a positive sense of cultural identity and acknowledges and embraces positive community leadership, enabling innovative and dynamic approaches and processes that are anchored by high expectations relationships.

High Expectations Relationships (HER) honour the humanity of others, and in so doing, acknowledge one’s strengths, capacity and human right to emancipatory opportunity.



The Stronger Smarter Approach articulates a set of five interconnecting strategies:

  • Acknowledging, embracing and developing a positive sense of identity in schools
  • Acknowledging and embracing Indigenous leadership in schools and school communities
  • ‘High expectations’ leadership to ensure ‘high expectations’ classrooms, with ‘high expectations’ teacher/student relationships
  • Innovative and dynamic school models in complex social and cultural contexts
  • Innovative and dynamic school staffing models in complex social and cultural contexts


Our Logo:

The Stronger Smarter Institute is represented by the soaring eagle.  The eagle honours the contributions made by the Cherbourg community when the inaugural Institute logo was developed.  It symbolises pride and a strong sense of identity.

“We are eagles.” Sir Doug Nicholls, Yorta Yorta leader

The eagle soars high towards a new horizon, towards a new era of Indigenous education – where we move beyond hope through HER to positive outcomes and great achievements for Indigenous children.

The waves symbolise our connection with all Australians, with the belief that people connected to saltwater, freshwater or the deserts can identify with a stronger smarter way of life.