Celebrate! Fifty Stronger Smarter Leadership Programs

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The Stronger Smarter Institute celebrated 50 Leadership Programs last month. This marked an important milestone for the Institute and it was significant the 50th Program took place in Cherbourg?where the Stronger Smarter philosophy and journey began.

The first Program was delivered in August 2006 with the aim of challenging and supporting school and community leaders in their pursuit of educational excellence for all students.

Two programs were delivered in the first year however the number quickly grew as demand for the program increased. In 2012, the Leadership Program team facilitated 14 national and regional programs.

Since 2006, the program has supported more than 1000 school and community leaders across Australia by enhancing their leadership capacity to achieve school transformation.

Thank you to all the participants who have been a part of our journey in changing the tide in low expectations for Indigenous children.

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