Jodi Edwards

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Jodi Edwards

Nation: Walbunja Woman, Yuin Nation

Jodi has been in the field of education for the past 23 years and 19 years within Indigenous education. 

She has been involved in many Indigenous research projects of which she has gained hands-on and working Indigenous Knowledges such as fish netting, boat making, and possum skin cloaking.  Some of which are on display in the Museum of Australia, Sydney.

Jodi has been involved with Indigenous research in which she is currently working on continuity of cultural practices in the Yuin and Dharawal Nations through her PhD.  She has a Masters in Language Education and a Graduate Diploma in Natural Cultural Resource Management which fuelled her passion to share Cultural knowledges and practices for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

She is also an accomplished curriculum writer and developer through her engagement with embedding cultural practices into the science curriculum HSIE and her work with NSW Education Department in embedding Aboriginal studies and ways of doing into their field studies subjects. She has 18 years experience in delivering professional development to educators where her desire has always been to assist educators to understand the importance and benefits of utilising Indigenous Cultural practices as a learning pedagogical tool.

IN THE CIRCLE with Jodi Edwards

Jodi is one of our expert presenters for the SSiSTEMIK program in Wollongong on the 30-31st of March 2020 and the 25-26th of May 2020.  Registrations are now open.

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