Stronger Smarter Master Class: Culturally Responsive Pedagogies

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Our first Stronger Smarter Master Class.

Stronger Smarter Master Classes are designed for educators who are seeking to engage in a deeper exploration of complex challenges in Indigenous education and apply the Stronger Meta-strategies in new ways.

This first Master Class wasn by Tammi Webber from Catholic Education in Townsville, from the Seeking a Pedagogy of Difference project with James Cook University.

The program was held in Brisbane  at the University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus.

For more information click here.

Please note:

  • The program is only for people who have completed the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program.
  • You will need to commit to undertaking a project in your school or workplace and reporting back on that project.

If you are interested in attending, please send your application form to the Research & Impact Team at

Places are limited, so please send in your application as soon as possible.

Stronger Smarter Masterclass: Culturally Responsive Pedagogies


  1. Hi, I received an invite to the SS Master Class and have approached my managers in the ACT re the possibility of attending. I just have a query re my eligibility to attend as I completed the 5 day Stronger Smarter Facilitator Training in Cherbourg and follow up in 2011 or 12 -however I have not attended the Leadership Training as such – are these different?
    I currently work as a School Leader C in the ACT directorate in a consultancy role and would relish the opportunity of a Stronger Smarter Project to make a difference in my work place here. Can you please let me know about eligibility ASAP as my managers are looking to approve my attendance in the coming week? Thanks Jude

    • Hi Judith
      Apologies, due to a change of staff we have only just now received your comment. To do this class an entry requirement is the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program (this is the first program in our Stronger Smarter leadership pathways). We would be happy to have you attend the next Master Class which is scheduled for March 2018 with Dr Chris Matthews, Noonucal Mathematician as leader. There will be more information shortly or please email your enquiry to the Research and Impact team at

  2. Will you be running more of these sessions, possibly in Vicotria?

    • Hi Peta
      Yes we are planning more this year. We are conducting another Master Class in March 2018 with Dr Chris Matthews, Noonucal Mathematician as leader at the University of Adelaide in SA. More information will be on our website or email your enquiry to our Research and Impact Team at .
      regards SSI

  3. Will there be another Master Class in 2018?
    Kylie Greatbatch attended the recent Master Class in Nov…she highly recommended the PL and I am very interested in attending.

    • Hi Alison
      Yes we are conducting another Master Class in March 2018 with Dr Chris Matthews, Noonucal Mathematician as leader. More information to come on our website or contact our Research and Impact Team with your enquiry to
      regards SSI

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