Stronger Smarter Jarjums

The Stronger Smarter Jarjums Program offers educators of zero to eight-year-old children the opportunity to co-create a solid foundation in the early years to have seamless transitions between the various early childhood programs.

The Stronger Smarter Jarjums will strengthen your networks, relationships and communications between the two sectors – prior to school and school within your own community.  Jarjums programs are being offered in the following regions:

SE Queensland

ProgramPhase 1 WorkshopPhase 2 Workshop Register here
Stronger Smarter STEM – SSiSTEMIK, Brisbane 6 to 7 Aug 201810 to 11 Sep 2018CLOSED

Northern Queensland

ProgramPhase 1 WorkshopPhase 2 Workshop DateRegister here 
Mackay Jarjums Leadership Program #118 to 21 Sep 2018 12 to 13 Nov 2018Apply NOW

Stronger Smarter Jarjums Brochure

For further information please read our 2018 Jarjums Brochure