Our Values

The Stronger Smarter Institute aspires to be a R.I.C.H. working and learning environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student education


"We do things with people, not to people." Chris Sarra



  • Respect

    • We acknowledge and honour existing positive strengths and processes;
    • We work collaboratively with colleagues in relationships underpinned by loyalty,
      professionalism and collegiality;
    • We do things ‘with’ people, NOT ‘to’ them.


  • Integrity

    • We display professionalism in all aspects of our work and seek to deliver beyond expectations as often as we can;
    • We honour and enable processes of transparency and accountability in all Institute activity;
    • We ‘walk our talk’.


  • Courage

    • We accept positive feedback with humility and constructive feedback as an opportunity to reflect, learn and develop;
    • We provide robust and constructive feedback in the interests of a high expectations agenda;
    • We enable and embrace innovative and creative ways of thinking and doing.


  • Honesty

    • We respectfully challenge others who demonstrate toxic behaviours that are contrary to the Stronger Smarter values;
    • We respectfully challenge those who collude with low expectations;
    • We continually reflect on our own practice to contemplate how we can learn and do better.